Scarborough Atlas and Your Business

Scarborough Atlas is designed to encourage users to get out and about to understand their local history, and we want them to become your customers as they do this!

To understand what they're looking at, users view records - collections of images, videos, text and URLs on a single item which together create a story. By creating a record of your business, we give users the story they need to know to become your customer, usually when they're standing in front of it.

For example, if you're a restaurant, we can foreground your menu as the main image, with text below introducing your business and providing a useful link. There could also be images and video content you want potential customers to see - maybe the inside, food, reviews, etc.

By using the map and its features, there are lots of opportunities for users to find your business when they're already right next to it. Your business can feature on trails, which are pre-defined walks. It can feature on the home page as a story. And of course, it'll feature as people use the search feature.

To enquire about this, please email SMG and we'll get right back to you.